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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Web development is not a requirement as a whole, Yahoo google Haifa 10 Errors SEOSEO is a special individual devices to raise the performance of each page of our website in order to achieve goals as expected. Separating the web pages into the pages of a special and important, is the basis for determining the keywords for each of those pages, where the latter matched the keyword search keyword in the Search Engine. It is also important to ensure the pages of the website there is nothing wrong and meet the standards of legitimacy of the World Wide Web (WWW). Our team of search results and some observers SEO friends, concludes that there are about 10 errors that often occur in the implementation of SEO.

  1. Poor Title:
    The title is important that describes a web page (webpage). Search Engines spiders scan the web pages and ensure web content meet or match the title, then assigned a rating based on its suitability. Sometimes we make mistakes like giving a title that is not relevant to the content of the grounds for a unique look. Make sure the title of web pages according to web content.
  2. Naming files website:
    In naming files, web server does not recognize space characters and symbols. Web server knows only alphanumeric characters (az, 0-9), the sign “-” (minus) and “_” (underscore). Sometimes we give our own preferences, the file name, eg “the story of the day.html” or “[email protected]”, this is a fatal error. Use the sign “-” or “_” instead of space and use alphanumeric characters properly, not symbols. Examples: “the_story_this_day.html” or “the_5tory_this_d4y.html”.
  3. Plagiarism content:
    Ensuring our unique web content (there is none) and our original writings critical to the success of SEO. If we duplicate or copy (copy-paste) content from another website, this has resulted in our websites fail to get ranked on Search Engines.
  4. No link:
    The presence of an additional point link to our website in an effort to rank / pagerank on Search Engines. Links that are less or even no will complicate our website to get ratings.
  5. Install Anchor:
    Anchor link also called normal link with a link in one page, different from the hyperlink is generally used for connecting an article with another article a different page, anchor link is more widely used for the same page. Do not named anchor link us with a strange name, this action may cause the search engine refused to anchor link us, use the name of the anchor links that are relevant to web content.
  6. Links between pages are broken or error:
    Sometimes we do not accidentally change the file name of a file or move a file from the web on our website to another folder or delete it, so the links that lead to pages / files are corrupted (broken). Characteristic is a broken link when clicked show page “404 error page“. If this can be ascertained our website are ignored by Search Engines. Make sure there are no broken links between pages. If necessary, use the application / tool to check our links, for example using LinkChecker.
  7. Ignored the URL:
    It is important for those who have a lot of dynamic websites using URL parameters, for example, “www.domain.com/index.php?action=cek_stuff&item=P2836&g = gd01“, URL such as this can not be recognized by Search Engines. Search Engines are more easily recognize the URL “www.domain.com / index.html” or “www.domain.com/index.php?action=cek_items“. Reduce the use of URL parameters in web pages.
  8. SEO Optimizing your impatience is not a short task, pairs and then completed already. Optimizing SEO is not easy, it takes patience and diligence. We must often make updates to our website. Create unique content, check, validate, sort, and check the Search Engines, and make sure nothing is wrong.
  9. Selection of keywords is important for those who are new to or use of SEO. When choosing keywords, do not assume the question “what people see from my product and services?”, Then the answer to the question which will serve as the keyword. Such thinking is wrong because it is not always the right keywords derived from answers to the questions above, but there are factors other considerations, such as knowing our marketing target, seeking to know what people are looking for from our products and services that we offer, and so forth.
  10. Excessive Keyword:
    Sometimes, we enter the keywords that are very much into the Meta Keyword a web page in hopes of quickly reaching our rankings, but this is wrong. Incorporate keywords into web pages should not be too much, just enough, take the important point that represents the title and content of our web pages.

What we describe here is part of the conclusion of our research on SEO. Hopefully, this exposure can be beneficial to us all.

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