In every process of this life there is always a leader, and of course there are being led. Like two sides of the coin, which can not be separated. Basically the system and there are leaders that led to creating goodness and order in the world.

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Imagine if everyone wanted to be a leader, or vice versa if everyone did not want to be led, then what life would be like this? Of course there will be chaos, and discomfort in our environment, in social organization, political, corporate, or bureaucratic. Therefore, let us realize that in real life we are fated to have the position and duties of each. So the leaders or who want to lead.

Do not impose a leader outside the limits of the self, that I forget myself. Especially with the ways of violence, material / money or violate ethics, for the sake of himself to be a leader. Such leaders will create noise, not peace that mandated by the empowered. Be a leader in the manner and process of the correct, and well, according to a common goal.

Then, start to be a leader of a small scale first and then to a large complex or global. The smallest scale is the lead themselves. Subsequently leading families, and communities. Also become leaders of organizations, corporate leaders, bureaucracy, leaders of national and even international level. Eventually we will understand, that in fact the highest level of leaders, and managed to succeed, is a leader who can lead themselves.

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