All About Free

It is undeniable, free virus was already spreading everywhere. We can now easily access the Internet at malls through a hot-spot infrastructure for free. I use a laptop with the Ubuntu Linux operating system distributed free by Canonical, typing with the OpenOffice word-processor which is provided free of charge by Sun Microsystems, using the free Firefox browser, using a free email service from Google, a free chat through Yahoo Messenger and access to such networks Facebook for free. In fact, if online was at the airport, the coffee was with me online for free, complimentary lounge sponsored by credit card issuers use my reply. Chris Anderson even typed his entire book through Google Docs application, word processing provided free online by Google.

Wait … why is free only services related to the Internet? Oh no. Beyond that you also can easily find products or services free or very cheap. Not all are available in our country. Several years ago, if you want to install satellite dish antenna at home, we have to pay quite expensive. Parabolic antenna is now “loaned” by the TV broadcast service provider via satellite.

Can we get the modem for free if you subscribe to broadband. Almost all credit card issuers already eliminate its annual fee. Low cost airlines have revolutionized and pioneered the sale of airline tickets very cheap or even free. In developed countries, this free product list more and more. You can have a phone for free, of course with a particular subscription contract. Have a free laptop with broadband access subscription.

In short there are versions of all its free, free car even exists. If the magazine was highly unusual for free, In Tokyo, even a store that provides 5 free items for every visitors, ranging from candles, instant noodles, to face creams.

Free Lunch Yes (Once) There

You’ve heard the expression “there is no free lunch”. The phrase actually comes from the Cowboy era in the United States. At that time many Saloon, where the Americans hang out earlier times, which provides free lunches to attract visitors. Lunch was really free. But visitors have to pay expensive for others, such as drinks, casino games, rent, etc..

For a free-for products also originally performed by King Gillette, the creator of the first razor in the world. Ancient man with a razor blade to shave as much that is not practical, must be used in refining, etc.. The idea of using super-thin razor that does not need to be sharpened, but discarded if it is dull, is a new idea at first hard to understand. Gillette also distributed for free as a marketing gimmick other products, with the hope of new users who liked this idea further to buy. For example in cooperation with the bank, Gillette made a new knife bonus for opening a savings account. And Gillette was right, eventually known as Gillette razors and then worldwide to this day.

Jell-O, the most popular dessert in the United States also initially difficult to sell. Peter Cooper, inventor of the gelatin diet was difficult to introduce its new product. Only after these products are marketed by the marketing genius and orator Francis Woodward, Jell-O to find his place in the market. Woodward was not distribute this product for free. However, print and distribute a free recipe book to give ideas to prospective customers, that Jell-O is very practical and can be served with many variations. Woodward to buy Jell-O license for only $ 450 a huge success.

To the abundance of scarcity

Free model of Saloon, Gillette and Jell-O is the free models of the last century, which until now still used. However, the age of 21 has created a new free business model. Business models are driven by convenience and technology. Plastics was originally designed as an exclusive product. Research and expensive production costs. Plastic is also much stronger and durable compared to wood. So should the product have sold expensive than plastic. However, we see today, plastic is so abundant everywhere. Plastic eventually become commodities that are abundant and cheap. Modern electronic goods grew rapidly after the transistor was found. At first transistor is an expensive rare item. In 1961 the price of fruit transistor 1 is $ 10. Less than 10 years it has lived price $ 1 cents. And today, a microchip which is equivalent to 2 billion transistors sold only $ 300, or 0.000015 cents per transistor.

The same thing happened also to the capacity of disk storage and bandwidth, which is becoming increasingly expensive. This is then triggered the digital revolution is changing the way employers view in the search for revenue. When a product has become a commodity that “too cheap to be appreciated”, then we no longer can rely on product prices as a source of our revenue. Price is related to scarcity, while we face is abundance. Free? Where Does the Money? Running the business is still to profit-oriented, the source is revenue minus cost. Free business model is basically doing creative revenue sources, rather than eliminate the revenue. If the original revenue solely from the sale price, then the principle of abundance, we try to find revenue from other sources.

adapted from = Free: The future of radical price

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  • At 2010.03.03 23:07, ajengkol said:

    nothing free in this world :)

    • At 2010.03.04 15:33, retnet said:

      free or opensource ?
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      • At 2010.03.06 23:40, Love4Live said:

        wis suwe ra komen nang kene… :D
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