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Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier Questions and Answers

Anti Entropy Thermo Nullifier
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Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier is a good example of old technology found only within the Frozen Biome and you will find merely a couple of of these that spawn in every world. The device is cold, also it absorbs and nullifies additional heat energy when Hydrogen is pumped in it.

It requires 10 g/of Hydrogen as input and absorbs 80 kDTU/of heat in the surrounding gas or liquid . It may only awesome lower gases low temperature of 100 K (-173.15 °C), and reports “Freezing” and stops cooling. It arrives with a gas intake with Obsidian Insulated Gas Pipe linked to it (it’s suggested to replace it all, obsidian insulation is definitely an oxymoron).

Although Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier could be deconstructed for Refined Metal , it’s not easy to build another, so generally it’s a poor idea to deconstruct it. It may be repaired using Iron , if broken. Tips[ edit edit source ]. The Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullfier cools for a price of -80 kDTU/s, low temperature of -173.15 °C. A Wheezewort , in comparison, cools for a price of -12 kDTU/s in Hydrogen , and may only awesome to -60 °C.

The Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullfier continues working even if submerged or entombed, so there is no need to dig it from ice whatsoever. It also will work better this way, when compared with Hydrogen. Alternatively, it may be covered in Tempshift Plates and submerged into Hydrogen or Super Coolant to maximise cooling.

Anti Entropy with Awesome Fluids

Utilizing it to awesome fluids within the mid game could be tricky, as it can certainly easily freeze Water being pumped across it if care isn’t taken. Polluted Water, Brine, Oil and Oil tend to be more stable alternatives however they can continue to freeze when the Themo-Nullifier runs lengthy enough. Super Coolant is the perfect alternative however is not available until Rockets. Mechanized Airlock -based heat-switch can help with temperature regulation here.

I am progressing hanging around and installed a air conditioning on the bottom of AETN found close to the limit from the map of Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier; I adopted the wiki: put tempshift plates and hydrogen within the isolated box I built round the machine assured feeding with H2 and send H2 in pipes running all over the nullifier.

I place a system to create H2 reenter the “box” as lengthy because the temperature of output gas is greater than 0C; I send all of this inside a water basin where I drop all warm waters (with tempshift plates too). Everything labored well for any lengthy while, except the nullifier never got under -50C, once the wiki states it may awesome until -173C, but my water was gradually cooling lower from 60C to now about 40C

I designed a change in the box entrance. It had been initially on floor around the right affiliate with an airtight door, and it is now inside floor, and dupes go into the box originating from “subterranean” (see picture); I do not understand what goes on, now, H2 pipes awesome super gradually, not saying it stopped cooling. The AETN is stuck at approximately -5C and does not will get lower anymore.

What shall we be held missing? What exactly are all of the conditions fot the device to operate properly (whenever I missed one, that is most likely the situation).

I put H2 only to find out if it might change something if this stopped cooling, but no change, it does not work anymore. EDIT: there’s really no gas within the pipes since i stopped the flow to find out if it might assist the nullifier to obtain lower temp. but no, still stuck at 5/6C.

Are we able to discuss the types of materials utilized in constructing parts? outdoors insulated igeous rock pipes. To say warm gas arrives through cheapest pipe (really empty) runs through shutoff (inside loop automation), wander within the box and expires with the upper pipe with Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier sensor.

Output Gas and The Nullifier

If temp inside output gas is gloomier than 0C, “shunt” shutoff is defined off and both other medication is placed on, the gas goes further within the upper pipe towards the basin. It temp is much more than 0C, both horizontal shutoff they fit off and gas experiences shunt to loop in to the cooling box.

But sorry basically repeat on Thermo-Nullifier: nothing of it has altered between your moment it labored and today; I only altered airlock position which obviously needed some destructions and rebuild.

No changes either on all of those other piping Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier. Tempshift are constructed with the only real available material right now: granite. (insufficient metal); I choose granite after studying wiki about thermal conductivity. The greater available for me personally at the moment; I remember I started to place metal plates, I then saw I’ll not have enough and ongoing with granite ones and today it appears I haven’t got thos metal plates anymore within the box; I think I replaced all of them with granite.

There is just the bottom plates, but maybe it may change something; I observed the nullifier very gradually cools lower (now at -10 could that one main point here change so considerably the cooling speed? to awesome everything mass by gas will require time. so when you retain looping hot gas in it, it will require a lot longer as lengthy because the cooling is more powerful compared to heat it’ll awesome.

tempshift plate

The Impact of Anti Entropy

Utilizing an aetn to awesome metallic volcano (copper or iron) won’t happen. to awesome everything mass by gas will require time. So when you retain looping hot gas in it, it will require a lot longer. as lengthy because the cooling is more powerful compared to heat it’ll awesome. simple example: utilizing an aetn to awesome metallic volcano(copper or iron) won’t happen. Yes, I am very aware of that! But exactly how the hell is the system achieve -50 so quick and this temp constantly it initially functioned.

This is exactly what I can not determine. Clearly something happened I did not focus on. One factor is certain: I saw the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier get lower second after second. Now I must wait a lot more to determine it lower that’s important slower. if you wish to test, remove all of the tempshift plates, only hydrogen within the room.

Also sweep all of the material from the room. to complete the sweeping fast have sweep only storage boxes near the room. The AETN will remove 80kDTU in the system every second. It will not always awesome things lower to -173. Should you stop all flow and insulate it it’ll get lower to that particular temp after which cease working since it is freezing.

Hot Gas Thermo

Should you keep looping in new hot gas and/or liquid it’ll locate an equilibrium at some greater temperature which depends upon flow rate and also the temperature from the liquid/gas being pumped through. The greater heat transfer rate between what you’re looping in and also the aetn the closer they’ll be in temperature. For instance should you loop in gas in can then your gas will awesome 20° with perhaps a 200° cooler aetn.

If you are using radiant pipes then your gas will awesome 20° Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier, however the aetn has become a great deal warmer, maybe only 10° cooler compared to gas. Massive tempshift plates are wonderful given that they will store excess freezing capacity whenever your pipes aren’t running at full capacity. It might have become lower to -50 rapidly since the surroundings have to do with -30, thus will awesome the pipes moving in to that particular point? This is put into if a lot of your temp plates were already at approximately that temperature.

Otherwise Maybe try putting ac within the room if you possess the output; I quite altered my “box” making some tries..; I observed I possibly could obtain the AETN keep cooling lower (.1°C every couple of seconds roughly) having a gas flow restricted to 200g/s.


Therefore it cools my water basin very gradually for the time being, but I am awaiting the AETN to achieve bottom temperature to allow greatest flow through (H2) and find out basically can awesome my water faster after which let plates recool lower to min temp.before I want cooling water again.

It is extremely slow now, but should be more efficient once “initialized” Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier. For the time being I am just cooling small quantities of water to obtain the system achieve cheapest temp faster. Sufficient to permit my base to reside.