Arca Discovery in Madiun

The findings of the two statues are shaped like house and sat cross-legged man in a position in the village of Sidorejo, Saradan District, Madiun County, allegedly is part of Site Mangiran built in the transitional period of Majapahit kingdom. Head of Cultural, Education and Culture, Madiun County, Ismono, say, from material that was found along with stone statues were allegedly goods are remnants of the Hindu Majapahit era transition to Islam.

“In the vicinity of the stone statues were also found in large red brick as a characteristic of the Hindu Majapahit era transition to Islam. Because when using only Hindu kingdom of Majapahit hard rock without the use of bricks,” he said. Ismono added, with these new findings it will report this to the Institute for Preservation of Archaeological Heritage (Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala-BP3) of East Java province in Trowulan. Due to investigate further constrained hardware limitation.

“We’ll report it to BP3 Trowulan for further examination because they are more berkopeten in this case. In addition, the authority to establish it as an object of historic and cultural heritage is BP3,” he explained. As reported earlier where, Saji (50) Sidorejo Village, District Saradan, found the two statues. Each form of human-shaped seat height measuring 40 cm, length 20 cm and a thickness of 15 cm. Being a statue resembling a house with 55 cm high, 70 cm long and 30 cm thick. Now the two statues, stored in a house owned by local residents Juari to be disclosed to the public. To see the statue of the audience was asked to give voluntary donations.

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