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In the minds of most people of Indonesia, the choice becomes more dominate the lives of workers, rather than independent living become entrepreneurs. Start of civil servants, corporate employees, and so forth. As a result, unemployment in Indonesia from year to year increase of 20 percent. For college graduates are not absorbed in the world of work, each year increased by around 200,000 people. Imagine for vocational school graduates, high school is ranked contributor unemployment according to data released by Kompas in 2010, each was ranked one and two.

162991 1673688796765 1073786677 31763154 5920243 n Be EntrepreneurOnly unfortunately this condition is still not able to change the future choice not to rely on other parties. Though there are many advantages and superiority over an entrepreneur.

First, by becoming entrepreneurs, income alone can be arranged as desired. This is different to be an employer of employees whose income is set by the amount of increase in each period is limited. In fact, its growth is often below the rate of inflation. By becoming entrepreneurs, income can be unlimited. With hard work and smart, professional and istiqomah, whatever you want god willing, will be achieved.

Second, the entrepreneur can optimize the potential. If you like painting, it will be a source of revenue that is used in business. Likewise, if you have any other skills. Eg paint shirt, scarf, jerseys, and others for resale with a higher value.

Third, the entrepreneur makes our life more colorful and not monotonous every time. Unlike employees who pegged the routine. By becoming a businessman, time and activities can be arranged according to their own plans. Want to stay, want to change or else “its okay” because it can all be arranged.

Fourth, life would be much more useful. Not just give the job to himself, but could also members work to others. In fact, if it is run by professional management, delegation is good (run without me) and a structured supervision of all executed by many parties.

This principle is also supported by religious teachings, that the best person is a person who a lot of benefit to other parties. If it is so, let alone who should doubt to become entrepreneurs. What about you?

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  1. aRuL says:

    mantap mas semoga usahanya dilancarkan…. ;)
    btw apalagi blognya udah english selangkah akan berkembang :)

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