Boy Five Years, run over by truck, Twice!


fate of a young boy back again in China. A truck driver hit the boy was five years with his truck. Instead of stopping, the truck was gone back, crushing the boy again for sure dead.

Cruel actions done to avoid the cost of a hospital for children who will be more expensive than the death to be paid when he was killed.

The incident occurred Village sickening Yunfeng, Luzhou, , in , Thursday (20/10/2011) last week.

At that Ao Yong, the driver of the truck, hit Maoke Xiong when the boy was walking to school, reports the Daily , Tuesday (10/25/2011). Yong Ao was carrying cement from the city of to Luxian.

Shifen Zhang, an eyewitness said, “I saw the truck back and then forward again. Xiong be trapped in the wheel and the truck continued forward about ten feet. “

A passer others say, the truck driver jumped from the wheelhouse after hitting the boy. They stated, Yong then asked, “How much (money) should I pay”.

However, Yong denied the boy was run over twice to confirm it was killed.

The China Daily on its website on Monday, reports, police found no evidence that the child was run over twice.

While medical experts, the daily said, find Maoke Xion died from traumatic brain injury and they concluded, the boy was hit while standing.

Still according to police, the driver has used the and friction long before the truck had stopped.

In contrast to the scene without feeling shown two dozen drivers and passer in the case of in Guangdong, which is run over by two trucks and ignored dozens of crossers, Ao 35-year-old from Luxian, was the first to call the police.

When out of the truck, police said Xiong Ao found trapped under the front wheels. Because the boy’s condition is severe, the driver did not dare move it and he immediately contacted the police.

According to the Daily Mail and China Daliy, for seven hours a boy’s body was not removed from under the truck.

In a heart-wrenching scene, the boy’s mother looked stunned sitting near the corpse of his son.

Police said the boy was not immediately removed immediately because of angry villagers demanding compensation directly from the driver.

courtesy pic by : dailymail

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