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IMG 6132 Entrepreneurship TipsThe amount of “sauce number one” in the trade industry, be it trade in goods or trade in the form of services preformance. Make a lot of entrepreneurs (both beginners and experienced) who are successful in their respective fields, whether because of ‘trapped’ in running the business, based on your interests / hobbies, and indeed even as experienced in their fields.

Entreprenuer or more familiar can be regarded as the ‘ENTREPRENEURS’, usually has its own tips and tricks in his efforts to cultivate the fields. Indeed, sometimes there are still many who “justifies immediate way”, but also many who still are in the ‘Right Path’. Usually (based on experience saia), those with the principle of ‘Right Path’, the average is always obedient and diligent in worship according to religion and belief. Whether it’s a Muslim businessman, Christian Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Catholic, Buddhist Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs that homage to Hindu belief. If anyone asks, what is the evidence? Haste yourself to the respective Houses of Worship, Religious leaders ask and you will get a satisfactory answer than the religious leaders.

There are some Entrepreneur, considers self-employment is ART. Do not assume that they (entreprenuer) do not have the soul of art, just thinking about the business benefits. Music Industry is one such example, by a factor of ART that (already) they wrestle teasers in the industrial world (business), they were able to analyze where the music is sold in the market and not yet sold on the market. In one of the East Java town, call it Magetan city, many of the entreprenuer / Entrepreneurs who wrestle only 1 (one) line of business, namely the production effort Gamelan Complete Set of Equipment of Culture. Only with 1 (one) line of business, their lives are very mediocre, fitting the car want to buy a car, want a house buy house fitting and fit they want to go hajj pilgrimage. Cool right? : D

Here below are tips Entrepreneurship (according to experience):

1. Begin With a Dream:
All started with a dream and make sure the products we offer. The dreamer is always creating and innovating in products, such as how to care (services) or ideas that can be sold successfully. They do not recognize boundaries and attachment, do not know the word “can not” or “impossible”.

2. Love Product / Service You:
A love of the products we have, will give a confidence to our customers and saia will guarantee all of our hard work will feel very light. Enthusiasm and diligence as a sign of love and faith will be sustaining the success to start a new business, can even make us able to get through difficult times.

3. Learn Business Fundamentals:
There is no success without a knowledge base for good business (at least good at math and know the value of the currency). Learning while working or participating formerly working for 1-2 years to learn the basics of business will help us advance the better. Look for the best teachers.

4. Dare to take risks that Counts:
Dare to take risks (were) taken into account, is a key early in the business world. With the risk to be taken, results achieved will usually be more proportional. Calculated risk is good and ripe, it usually gives more possibilities to SUCCEED.

5. But Seek Advice Follow Heart You:
Entreprenuer (businessmen) are always seeking advice from various parties, but for the final decision is always on hand entreprenuer (businessman) itself. Often (may believe should not) the decision was obtained from the Senses The six of their own, I believe it is the grace of Allah SWT.

6. Hard Work:
In this world, there is no ‘instant’. Hard Work Ethos is often regarded as an ancient dream that must be replaced, whereas ‘hard-work’ and ‘smart-work’ can not be separated. Almost all the ‘Successful start-ups’ need ‘workaholics’. Enterprenuer (employers) have never truly separated from his work, during sleep the brain working and thinking about his business. Dreaming and daydreaming sometimes it works.

7. Find a Friend Some may:
Befriend as much as possible. At the same price and quality, the buyer (customer) buy more of his friends rather than in stores. Sometimes, though at higher prices, buyers will still buy from his friend, being able to pay in the future (backward / debt). Friends will help develop our business, give advice and help to help in difficult times. Trust me!

8. Face of Failure:
Failure is a vitamins to strengthen and sharpen intuition and our ability to entrepreneurship, as long as this does not make us die. Risk of failure is always there but should be avoided, whenever that happens, do not be afraid to deal with it, be prepared!

9. Just Do It:
Yes! Act now, although you are not yet ready. Action is the most important thing in starting a business. Decide and do now, because tomorrow is not necessarily ours.


nb: this paper special for my wife, Dahlia
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