Residents Simo Gunung represented by Drs. Jason D Bani of the Independent Committee for the Rescue Asset Institute of Surabaya (KIPAS-Lembaga Komite Independent Penyelamat Aset Surabaya) complained Mayor Surabaya to Komnas HAM in Jakarta. “What can we do as you wish citizens, initially we just help them to get right to the previous population data they have.” Jason said when met at the secretariat.


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ID Card

According to Bram Sutarjo, Simo Gunung Citizens Coordinator. Actually what they want simpler, namely requesting ID cards (KTP) and the card family structure (KSK) they can be managed and owned by another. So they could easily make matters related to the existing population data. “Even until there is an incident when one of the poor who are sick, eventually died because he could not be accepted by the Hospital due to not able to show evidence of poor family cards.

The catastrophe began when early in 2007 appeared the land ownership certificate on behalf of Suhermin Markam and Ramlan. The certificate is taken by a Legal Counsel from both of them named Jefri, SH. In the annex the certificate stated that residents had received an indemnity of 20 million to 35 million dollars, complete with resident signatures. “I was with people who since 1994 live there have never done any transactions, especially regarding compensation for it. We never received the money and never signature. ” Sholeh said, one of the residents.

Finally, residents still do not want to give up land they already occupy these decades. Residents also have attempted mediation with legal counsel Ramlan and Suhermin, but was ignored. Increasingly severe and complex problems arise when someone named Hariyanto, SH claiming Lawyer and Legal Counsel of Suhermin and Ramlan. Amazingly Hariyanto can arrange for village and subdistrict Sawahan not renew ID cards (KTP) and the the card family structure (KSK) were already expired. Unless people want to sign an agreement prepared by the contents Hariyanto citizens give up land they occupy without any conditions.

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