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Football Association (FIFA) apparently prefer to forgive Football Association of Indonesia (), rather than impose sanctions, following the failure of at the Hotel Sultan Jakarta, 20 May. PSSI Congress with election agenda chairman, vice chairman and member of the PSSI rescheduled the period 2011-2015 and the implementation should be before 30 June. The decision was obtained after Normalization Committee Chairman Agum Gumelar have a meeting with officials of FIFA in , Monday (30 / 5). With Indonesia’s decision to temporarily not get sanctions from federation. The threat of sanctions sticking after Congress PSSI at Sultan Hotel in Jakarta, Friday (20 / 5) ends deadlock or without producing a decision. “Congress must be made before 30 June. If Congress again failed to automatic then Indonesia would be suspended, “said Agum .

fifalogo FIFA Select Forgive IndonesiaIn addition to deciding the schedule of the congress, in his meeting with Director of Development and Thierry Regenass FIFA and FIFA officials, Frank van Hattum, also decided that the issue of sanctions Indonesia will not be addressed to the FIFA EXCO meeting. “I’m grateful that FIFA gives one more chance for Indonesia to hold Congress PSSI through Normalization Committee. Clearly the implementation of the congress will be in accordance with the statutes of FIFA, “said the former chairman of the PSSI. Former Chairman of KONI was explained, in addition to providing opportunities congress, FIFA also reminded that the Congress done well. If still fails then automatically FIFA sanctions will be issued as of 1 July. “My hope FIFA do not be given this opportunity to be ignored anymore. Support from all parties is required in order to save Indonesia from the sanctions, “said the former Minister of Transportation that.

Agum Gumelar who went to Switzerland on Saturday (28 / 5) and the next day followed by daily executor Joko Driyono PSSI secretary general mandate from the people that brought football lovers Indonesia up to the president. The mandate is also attached to the official report of the Committee of Normalization to FIFA during the running task is to demand that Indonesia did not get sanctions from FIFA. This is the third time FIFA tolerate the failure of Indonesia to hold Congress PSSI. The first was on March 26 in Pekanbaru, and then are still fresh in memory is on 20 May in Jakarta, which is then covered Agum after arising riot. Some parties believe PSSI will be sanctioned following the failure of two congress. PSSI little chance to escape from FIFA sanctions, could not be separated from the presence of representatives of FIFA that is Thierry Regenass, who also directly witnessed what happened at the congress in Jakarta. At that congress bombarded by interruptions and insults against Agum Gumelar congress participants and FIFA, are accused of blocking the nomination of General George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro. Up to six hours took place, Congress did not produce any results and eventually closed.

For the third congress will not return failed, Agum said his return later to Indonesia, he would engage in dialogue with all circles including football with George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro. Two people with the full support of the Group of 78 (group of 78 owners of valid votes PSSI) insisted to join the stock selection of chairman and . Though FIFA has asserted repeatedly that they plus Nurdin Halid and Nirwan Bakrie prohibited participate. “About four candidates could not be confirmed last (election) by FIFA. Is final and must be followed, “said Agum. Congress later on June 30, according to Agum, an Extraordinary Congress with a single agenda, namely choosing PSSI Executive Committee, consisting of a chairman, , and members of the Executive Committee of PSSI. The candidates who had already entered the list of equipment that will be re-elected at the congress. So, who repeated only the congress.

Chairman of KONI Rita Subowo claim to be happy with FIFA’s decision that would give Congress the opportunity PSSI held back. Rita hopes Congress will re PSSI can generate new stewardship. “I am optimistic that Congress tomorrow could be a success because the President, Parliament, and Affairs has given its support to guarantee success of the congress will follow,” he said Monday night. The team from KONI, said Rita, is committed to helping the success of the Congress June 30 that if necessary.

Fixed Advance

Conversely, supporters of George Toisutta duet-Arifin Panigoro, Saleh Ismail Mukadar, does not guarantee re-PSSI congress on 30 June will go smoothly when the Chairman of the Committee still Agum Gumelar Normalization. The reason, said Saleh, Agum is not a neutral figure, so that would get resistance from the group of 78 bearers George-Arifin. “Despite repeated any number of times that still Agum chairman, would remain chaotic,” said Saleh told Breaking News on Monday (30 / 5). Agum Saleh accused several times has made public a lie. For example, said Saleh, Agum ever mention that George Toisutta has legowo to withdraw from the race, but in fact are not. Also Agum also said that FIFA officials who attended the Congress at the Hotel Sultan PSSI recommend sanctions for Indonesia, which eventually denied by the official.

Eddie Elison who is also a successful team George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro, said the remains will fight for both advanced as General Chairman and Vice Chairman of the PSSI on June 30th anniversary congress later. “We’re still struggling GT and AP’s candidacy,” said Eddi told reporters on Monday (30 / 5) night. FIFA is scheduled to hold a congress for the upcoming Presidential election period, 1 June. Eddie hopes the new FIFA board later can have a different view with the old board, so the ban Toisutta and Arifin for forward exchange revoked. “Because according to the FIFA Statutes are not prohibited them forward,” said Eddi. Currently, more Eddi, representatives of the Reform Movement of Indonesian National Football (GRSNI), namely Farid Rahman and Basalamah Hadi, CEO of Jakarta FC still in Zurich, Switzerland. He hopes they can fight for both can be advanced. According to Eddie, George and Arifin support is still solid. Moreover, after the threat of Fifa sanctions that could be a scourge of football-loving society did not materialize. “We still have quite a long time (until 30 June), we will fight,” said Eddi.

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