Firefox 4 Launch Parties

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Firefox, the world’s best browser, is made possible by engineers, programmers, designers, 400+ million users and people just like you who give their time, talents, energy and support to the cause! The upcoming Firefox 4 for desktop and mobile launches are truly a team effort so let’s celebrate all the great teamwork and have fun. Host a “Team Firefox” launch party of your own or find one to attend near you. Although we’ve assigned the party date of April 15th (the best date to start parties), feel free to celebrate anytime through May 15th! So sign up as part of our team. Great news is that there have already been hundreds of parties around the world. Unfortunately we are all out of party swag, however we’ve created a Wiki page that includes information on hosting, promoting, fun ideas and creative artwork for your party. We’ve also included some great “printable” party favors.


 Firefox 4 Launch Parties

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In order to release the browser Mozilla Firefox version 4, (KUMI) Mozilla Indonesia Community has to hold a celebration event for the online community meet each other, especially the city of Jakarta. Held on Saturday, April 30, 2011, 17:00 pm, at Salihara Rooftop Theater (, Jakarta.

The event is supported by: WebPM @ webpm, ID-GMail, ID-Android, Mailing mediacare, Community Lights Graffiti Indonesia – “First Light This”, Subtube Studio, ID-objC +, Salazad – Indonesian Papertoy Design, ChocoLoveCake, Blogger Depok Community, Blogger IBOTE Community, Blogger Arumbai Community, Makassar Blogger Community (Angin Mamiri) and others (sorry, I forgot to ask in detail because his show is very crowded).

Me and my fiance has been present at the location since the late afternoon, had to wait before the opening of registration, which later to get a souvenir.

Enjoying coffee in Kopitiam of Pak Bondan, along with my fiancee. Enjoying coffee while talking about our daily life, in order to prepare our lives to come. Apparently a good day for me, any friend from of the Blogger Surabaya Community (TPC), call it aRuL, which has been several months now settled in the Jakarta city.

The event starts at 18:00 pm, participants are also increasing rapidly, re-registration begins. The event begins with an introductory session, ranging from speakers to the destination than the events that introduce Firefox 4. The arrival of friends from ICTwatch (@donnybu and @arief_ts) made me feel at home, that is to chat with the Java language, which for almost a month in this Jakarta city. They share the DVD linimas(s)a to me, hoping to spread the positive goals rather than those ICTwatch.

The event was run by a very lively, because the participants are also very enthusiastic about going to the event. Not felt, the night wore on, participants began to enjoy a light meal provided by the committee and enjoy the acoustic music of “sweatbands“. Me and my fiance had to go home, because it was late at night.

Thank you to all committee Firefox 4, the event is very successful in my opinion.

There are some picture which I taken from my mobile device:

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  1. Danu Akbar says:

    Saya juga udah update nih FF-nya :D

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