The date when you were born, no matter what month and what year, is a numerical key that shows the “sketch” your dominant personality. This key greatly affect the Life Path (Way of Life) and help you choose a suitable job. His influence is very noticeable when you are aged between 28 to 56 years.

Date 1
Born on a single means you have a strong will, independent and confident. Others might say you “think too much” because you’d rather plan but not actually run it. You tend to diagnose what’s wrong than to fix it. You have good thoughts and love to negotiate. Practical and idealistic, you like things that are measured by the brain rather than your heart. As a result, even if you are able to give love, you do not show it openly. Behind your independence, you are someone who is very sensitive and need encouragement and feedback (feedback) positive. You also have a great latent power. Date 2
Born on the two shows that you are very emotional and sensitive to your surroundings. Although sometimes nervous and forgetful, you easily make friends and they like you. You have a warm nature and need of affection shown for real. In other words, you like the person who “berepot-hassle” for you. It is important for you to avoid mood swings and everything that makes you depressed. Although you love the material things, you do not always mean it to get it. Talent rhythm can be expressed in writing poetry or music.

Date 3
Born on the three shows that you have a high vitality and recover quickly from illness. Your imagination is good enough to make an interesting story that comes from a small event. You have the ability of natural and critical literature, and require varied activities to keep you busy. Sarat and extreme in love, you experience an emotional crisis where you are able to recover from it quickly. You are someone who is social, expressive in public and being the best in front of an audience. Even if you feel nervous, you’re still easy to feel satisfied and able to make the best of any situation.

Date 4
Born on the Fourth of individual shows quadrangular, nature lovers, home, family and country. You’re successful in all forms of production business – manufacturing, construction, business, textiles. Music, painting or sculpture makes you feel relaxed even though you can mengomersialkannya too. You prefer to give ideas and impose little to others, consider yourself as an appraiser last berkelakukan and ethical right. Your belief in discipline makes it difficult to express feelings, and consequently you experience agony. For business, you push yourself to work tirelessly, and unfortunately other people affected as well. You have a tendency to work overtime and if necessary, you will schedule recreation.

Date 5
Born on the fifth show that you are adaptable, enthusiastic and sometimes brag. You have smart ideas, active imagination and likes to “spice up” your story. You love life, a healthy energetic, amazing friend and like things that are fast moving / dynamic. Your life is filled with new experiences and constant change. Although you are the type who rejected the “bound” to any case, you are the type who “married”. You also have a beautiful voice.

Date 6
Born on the sixth show that you are nature lovers. You grow with honors and awards, but faltered with criticism. In a love relationship, you give everything to your spouse – at least as long as you are both still in love. You seek perfection and rarely get it, so you try to find elsewhere. As a result, you are known as people can not be trusted. You love children, but do not have to have it alone for a happy life. Although you are well protected, you continue to feel worried about not having enough money. The mentality is more dominant than the intellect, and you have the acting ability (a play) that make you successful on the stage or in the business world. You have literary and artistic tendency, and can withdraw money or support when you need. The only fields that you do not master the mechanics. Being among people in a harmonious atmosphere is important to you.

Date 7
Birth date seven showed an expert with a sharp intellect to the analysis of the mental. You should not gamble or speculate on the contrary, you should check carefully all the business before you dive in it. High intuited if not psychic (psychic), you should never take the advice against your instincts. You must WAIT for what you want rather than aggressively seek it. What you want will come only when you are not actively looking for it. You are gifted in playing stringed instruments (including piano) and organ. You also berpenilaian good in finance. Your opinion firmly, and you do not like change. You have difficulty adapting physically and you are likely to be alone, both of which make your wedding to be difficult. Take time each day to relax and meditate.

Date 8
Born on eight shows you are a creative and productive coupled with business intelligence. Progressive and broad minded, you will successfully address the issue of general or public interest, but should avoid cooperation balanced because you need to be in a position to take the final decision. Big business, company or government is your field, where you have to show honesty and integrity in order to remain successful. More like a book than read, you also prefer to do something related to big money; if you have it, you will provide a large sum of money to institutions or charities. You sometimes showing off and want your family to trust you.

Date 9
Born on the ninth show publicity, distribution, art, insight and humanity (the definition of the film The Wizard of Oz is “doing good”). You are interested in the field of metaphysics and relate it to what is happening in this world. Educated, artistic and strong willed, you are a natural leader who can be successful in everything about the artistic, such as writing, teaching, law, publishing or pastoral. You need a broad education so that you can choose the job better. You belong to and are in the world which makes it difficult to live a life of personal success. Marriages will end in the middle of your path, either through death, divorce or separation even though love remains. Your life is actually filled with long journeys and many changes.

Date 10
Born on the tenth day showed a person with many interests and is able to do some things in the same time. Many others who depend on you, but few offer help so that you feel alienated and alone. You have a good mind and willpower, and a promoter of experts for the things you believe. In connection with the friends and possessions, you sometimes jealous and exclusive – you do not want to share. Your creative talent is best embodied in the business world, while the arts, particularly music or painting, it is only a side activity. You include people friendly, but you do not like the details of home care. Vitality make you recover from physical and emotional pain.

Date 11
Born on the eleventh of individuals showed an inspiring and imaginative with determination and perseverance, but also accompanied by doubts. With these properties, you are so dramatic in thought and action, brilliant, ingenious, but also nervous and tense. You need to react quickly and carefully so you do not cover intellectual intuition. You tend to emphasize your own moral code on others and not meyukai human frailty. Your passion is high, excessive and unreasonable; actually, you are extreme, sometimes seemed in the air, sometimes seemed in the dark abyss. In reacting to this extreme environment, avoid too excessive correction. Consider your health, and avoid the tendency to be selfish, greedy and brag about oneself.

Date 12
Born on the twelfth of showing someone a brilliant, magnetic, imaginative and a good speaker figure is very convincing in argument. Since you have a balanced mind, are artistically inclined and enjoy life and action, you can be successful as a lawyer, actor / actress or work in sales and advertising. High idealism you insist the “mission” in life. You need to maintain intellectual activity to avoid the up-down (wheel of life) which is a weakness of people born on the thirteenth. Your design talent could be channeled through the architecture or interior decoration. Flirtatious and tend to have an affair, you need to finish what you start and try not to cause problems.

Date 13
Born on the thirteenth indicate the presence of the puzzle in a contradiction, creativity, expansion and restlessness behind the order and limitations. You are sensitive and spiritual, suffer because of your own environment, and like mad. Your thinking is balanced by a strong-willed, and even if you have a strong love, you seldom show it and suffer for it. Due to a misunderstanding, you are often considered to be tempered and unreasonable. Although you tend to be a dictator, you are a good manager. The best success you deal with the land – mining, geology, practical construction. You also dichotomous, where you like wearing a uniform but hate the war. The house is critical to your happiness.

Date 14
Born on the fourteenth day show a competent person and dual personality with logical thinking and believe in prophecy. “Lucky” in games and contests, you are a bettor and experienced gambler. Your success lies in big business, but you need for recreation and artistic expression “cool head”. Very emotional, you can always pull the heart through your feelings and sympathy. You tend to need constant change – drugs, alcohol, and sex with anyone and other exaggerated forms of sexual release. You can also bridge between the mortal world with the spiritual, and have greater power to build or destroy – according to your choice.

Date 15
Born on the fifteenth show someone talented who are in the protection of the six dates that are good and harmonious pervasive knowledge than studying hard. Actually, you attract a lot of things – friends, gifts, money, opportunity and have the impression of youthfulness and health. You are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a good thing or for the sake of helping a friend, but you do not want dominated. You are scientifically minded but you often express through music; although your success lies in a professional career, music plays an important role in your life. You love the house, and although you are demonstrative and generous, you prefer a charity individually compared.

Date 16
Born on the sixteenth show nervous and irritable people who like to cause problems and complications where you will suffer the consequences. A loner, you still stand at home and affection. Although you can succeed in the field of literature, logic and analytical skills you require channeling through the field of business as well. Although you are not active and aggressive, you do not like your plans interfered with or hindered by the other. You tend to put off doing something when you know to do it right then, and you think too much about yourself. You crave affection, but you do not bother to get it.

Date 17
Born on the seventeenth showed high-minded man, proud of herself, sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative, generous or miserly, frugal or spree Spree. Sticking to one’s own ideas, you rarely give up on others; in business, you best by holding the position of head / head of the company and working with partners under you. You do what you want to do, talented in regulating the interest and the interests of others, and interested in dealing with something big. Details entrusted to others because you hate the hassle. Your success in business related to the soil (eg mining, landscaping, oil, livestock), and also in writing even if you enjoy writing about the history or technical rather than writing fiction. You like the general knowledge and like to explore / investigate. When related to spiritual matters, you want proof first.

Date 18
Born on the eighteenth show people whose lives are filled with change, activity and travel. Like responsible for the welfare of the people or community, which fits with the nature of your helpfulness. Much is expected of you because many are given to you: self-reliance of people on one, the efficiency of the eighth and the ninth humanity. Since you do not like the advice, you rarely need it. You are interested in the broad areas in need of efficient administration (such as law, politics, religion), and although your first efforts do not always succeed, you will succeed on subsequent attempts, so try to continue. Sometimes emotional, intellectual and you actually liked the logic and argumentation. This trait makes you suitable as a drama critic, writer or speaker. In the financial field, you never in a hurry because you feel responsible at all in managing material assets. Wedding or engagement that occurred in the middle of the road of life you will be disconnected.

Date 19
Born on the nineteenth show the date of vibration tones one through nine that affects your personality. Logical, determined, tenacious, practical, artistic and universal, you can be in peak height or falling into a deep hole with respect to the action and emotion. You are independent and not give in to limitations. This autonomy is the source of your dislike of the law society, which you do not follow in their personal lives without offending the public. Your intelligence is in many ways created a lot of career choices even though you are more suited to be a professional rather than plunge in business. Sense of responsibility and a strong impulse to achieve better conditions equip you to engage in politics if you are interested. You like change and variety, always change things around you and will adapt to it.

Date 20
Born on the twenty shows people are suitable for small as well as being in an atmosphere of intimacy and protective. You choose to work in collaboration with others rather than assume all the responsibility yourself, and sometimes not interested in developing for business / larger field. Although you better expression through writing rather than orally in public, instinctive compassion and sensitivity that has made you fit in politics and the clergy. Sympathetic and compassionate, you are able to acquire sufficient knowledge and should get a higher education. Attention to detail makes you match the professions that require these properties, such as law firms and property management. You prefer to live in the countryside than in cities as well as very interested in the home, family and friends. Although you like to help, you’re not interested in the physical work that can be avoided. Music ease your mind even though you’d better do it in a group rather than solo careers.

Date 21
Born on the twenty-one shows the person endowed with the singing and melodious voice which is a valuable asset. Enchanting and musicals, like beauty, art and dance, you are sometimes nervous and tense. You need to hold on unexplained aversion to certain things and people. Dealing with love, you tend to be receptive rather than express it actively, but you put a great dignity to the object at the center of your attention. Active imagination often make you suspect that your own, which would lead to serious problems in relationships, especially within marriage. Avoid the tendency to think constantly, or become depressed. It is the trait you are interested in books, publishing, editing (examination) and other similar fields, so that your success lies in any field related to education.

Date 22
Born on the twenty-two figures show the full energy function in two worlds: objective and subjective. You are full of thrill, nervousness and excitement; you need to rest and tranquility to “fill” and keep your balance. Very intuitive, you should stand on first impression obtained. Although you have limited strength, you always be between expressing your ideals and keep within the limits of constructive. People born on 22 has the mission of universal utilitarianism, which is leaving little room for personal ambition. Your great success lies in the full system, anywhere in the area during matches your ideals and produces the good. Avoid dubious or illegal transactions; you will surely be caught and suffer for it.

Date 23
Born on the twenty-three showed a sympathetic, sensitive, understanding and practical-minded. You have the talent to diagnose physical ailments, so you will achieve success when working in the field of medicine or treatment (but not the surgery, because “the mission” You are to build and heal instead of tear or break). Technical capability and practical you can create interest in the field of law, chemical or stock, but you are too practical to be successful in the arts. Able to support themselves, popular and social, you do not suffer from an inferiority complex. You get a lot of life because you’re trying the best of every situation. You are good friends who are willing to be responsible.

Date 24
Born on the twenty-four showed a very active person who always tried to press forward in order not to waste any energy. While you concentrate on one thing at a time, you live with constant change; you are not the type who retired because you need to continue to grow. You are very tied to the arts, and has a natural talent to perform on stage – naturally, you fit in the field of drama, but you are more successful in business or property. Appearance is not important to you, so you’re not so concerned with time and money. Basically, you are practical, with a bit of a dream and a big tendency to overestimate the pleasure and your pain. You will also be domestic in nature, coupled with a sense of ego that has been developed and will learn a lot through your observations. Avoid depression, jealousy and anxiety.

Date 25
Born on the twenty-five shows people who are naturally able to predict and very intuitive with a strong magical abilities. You tend to be frank in expressing your feelings and not always understood by others. Artistically talented, you can commercialize the various fields of art that you like. Success can also be achieved through professional, business or politics. You tend to be vacillating and inconsistent, and you will suffer for it until you can eliminate this tendency. It is important for you to learn to concentrate, to think stable and throw away the sense of inferiority, self-pity and depression. Compassion is your greatest weakness. You should always be on the straight and narrow, because you tend to get out of the way and are interested to preach but to act outrageous. Idealistic and hopeful, you have to fight your feeling lazy.

Date 26
Born on the twenty-six shows people who are full of cabinets and drawers, because for you there is nothing too small for practical function, and you just need one thing to know when you throw it away. You are very introspective and tend to live with the shadows of the past – to the destruction of the present and future. Although you start many things, you find it difficult to solve, and you yourself who choose to rise or fall below the average. You can commercialize all the land of art – with the exception of music – with a big step. You can be successful in politics and diplomacy, and you should be getting higher education. You are the type of “marriage” and has a domestic nature is beautiful, loving home and children. Not satisfied with yours and love the colors seen in clothes, you really are not too much emphasis on physical gratification and very generous to others.

Date 27
Born on the twenty-seven shows someone who is interested in material wealth compared to people born with multiples of 9 other dates (9 and 18). 27 people have a strong marriage bond, although his experience may be disappointing. You are a strong leader, rather diligently, sometimes bizarre and not satisfied with the position as a subordinate. You also do not like to be responsible for your actions. Skilled in many things and artistic, you also have literary talents and could be a journalist, writer, lecturer or teacher. You are passionate in love, but tend to overdo it. You are more inclined to the religious values ​​of Eastern religious and far from orthodox.

Date 28
Born on the twenty-eight shows a figure that has a strong-willed, dominant and tenacious full of love and sacrifice for love. In connection with this, your marriage might not be conventional, but you always try to keep fit with your ideals. Is the executive (implementing something), you want to appear superior and would make sacrifices to achieve it. Your tendency to daydream and waste of time can remove your ability, so press the laziness that comes so as not to control yourself. Your sense of disappointment came mostly from exaggerating everything that concerns you. Freedom is important to you; you suffer when restrained or limited in all respects. Be careful not to lose your idealism once you make it happen, as this will alienate you from your success.

Date 29
Born on the twenty-nine showed inspiration, spirituality and leadership, because 29 is a source of vibration (2 +9 = 11). You mimiliki unique ability to unite the different parties and can mediate labor problems or unify religious differences. Your strength is great; you can use it to bring honor or destruction to yourself and others – according to your choice. You apply extreme in everything, great in love and ratings. The house is important for your happiness, but you are moody and tense, and not easy to live with you. You hung up on dreams, aspirations and plans, and forget the feelings of those around you. You need a job that is sure to keep you balanced and efficient.

Date 30
Born on the thirty-show figures that are vital, nervous and rarely sick because their immune systems. You need to avoid various types of obsessions and supernatural powers should not try to have fun. Set your opinion. You always think you’re the right, basing your conclusions on a bit of knowledge that comes with your own imagination and intuition. Be loyal and a good friend, you can become a teacher, writer or a good social worker. Your flirty and likes diterimakasihi for the things you do. Although you can become an excellent manager, you really do not like work.

Date 31
Born on the thirty-one shows a figure similar to those born on the 13th that should not play around with psychic phenomena. Your aspirations do not always make sense that eventually led to disappointment; you need practical, tried hard and patiently to your work successfully. You do not like living alone and responsibility are the stabilizers for you, so your so-so said to be a type of “marriage”. You have the business expertise, but you should be aware of your own propensity to spend money and waste valuable asset haphazardly. Interior decoration, writing, chemistry and pharmacy (you are talented in the dispensing of drugs) is a career field that is appropriate for you. You never forget the kindness – or injury.

Believe it or not, depending on how you react to it.

source from Betaljemur Adamakna Book’s

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