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A to develop creativity in using Java-based Information Systems (netbeans), the product of a device (Nokia), held a joint training with the developers is limited to the public. Using the , “Forum Nokia Technology Workshop“, the representative office of Nokia from Singapore to try to provide appropriate benefits to the Indonesian people, especially the developers (developer) applications based on Java (netbeans).

 Forum Nokia Technology WorkshopAccording to Gary Chan, Head of Developer Relations Manager, SEAP from Forum Nokia & Developer Community, “Indonesia is the country’s most high in downloading a variety of applications, mobile games and themes.” A mutually beneficial system but not to benefit the people of Indonesia. Hoping, in the presence of joint exercises such as this, the developers will each add power and increase the income of the results was that creativity creativity. In the matter entitled “Nokia Developer Strategy“.

How could I not? A simple example, 250815 1906428855121 1073786677 32101759 5521954 n Forum Nokia Technology WorkshopI managed to make a game application from a Java , and marketed through the Nokia with an existing that is Ovi Store. The more interesting the game application and the more that you download it, of course, will increase my income while sleeping. So is the way of thinking, if only the people from the Nokia that develops, not necessarily to benefit the people of Indonesia the other. When I think different (say the trainees), will produce a wide variety of applications developed, not only in the form of game applications. Probably among one of the participants who attended this training can create applications that are educational for children or students who are in need of information outside of school.

246652 1906429055126 1073786677 32101760 4243149 n Forum Nokia Technology WorkshopUpik Sidarta, Developer Relations Managers, Indonesia from Forum Nokia & Developer Community, explained the benefits obtained if it has been many who download the application results of our work. Not only the names are known, but the unexpected earnings in the form of material (money). He also gives arguments, that are children as young as 12 years, been able to create applications that educate for children who are still the same age as the boy. The result? The application has been downloaded about 1 million more users of the Nokia. One thing that was fantastic, only with creativity creations are simple, but very useful for others. He also explained that the Ovi has worked with providers that have been popular in Indonesia. In the matter entitled “Building a Winning Ecosystem in Indonesia“.

248235 1906429215130 1073786677 32101761 6194662 n Forum Nokia Technology WorkshopWorkshop led by Valerie Tai, Senior Technology Expert, Forum Nokia & Developer Community, , very interesting. Ranging from simple levels to develop an existing application, to make a better application. According to him, nothing is difficult if the desire to move forward. Even if you’ve managed to make a good application and it had been downloaded several hundred users, would be addicted to making more and better. The author is very impressed by the ability to process the Java program code is, it‘s true if someone says Code Are .

Similarly, a brief report about the training along with the theme “Forum Nokia Technology Workshop“, held on 26-27 May 2011 (9:00 a.m. to 17:00), in Binus Square – Hall of Residence, Jl. Budi Raya No. 21, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta 11530, Indonesia. According to the relevant committee, the training will be held on a regular basis, it can be done in 6 months or once a year, depending on the level of intervention. I dedicate this paper to luxsman who already provide information (which I think is very useful). Thank you.

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