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Geofri’s Sanctuary Build, Price, and POE Trade

There are a board of explanation related to Geofri’s Sanctuary that you can get on the internet. One of things that I got tell me that the term is meaning to Geofri’s Sanctuary is a unique Elegant Ringmail.

Geofri’s Sanctuary Build, Price, and POE Trade

The Zealot’s Oath mod has got the same effect because the keystone, Zealot’s Oath. Using the keystone additionally to equipping this armour will impart no additional benefit.

  • (50-75)% elevated Armour and Shield
  • (30-40) to maximum Energy Shield
  • (50-70) to maximum Existence
  • (14-18)% to any or all Elemental Resistances
  • 2 maximum Energy Shield per 5 Strength

Zealot’s Oath

Belief doesn’t make us invulnerable.It can make us immortal. An easy tool to cost look at your products in road to exile by “copy”. It’s that easy!

The very first factor which comes in my opinion is definitely an Iron Will caster, however i seem like are the best off just opting for armor for the reason that situation. Maybe an ES melee build of some kind? Although Templar has already been so near to Zealot’s Oath.

Exactly this. It’s so subpar that anybody who plays the sport a little feels the chest area is shit tier immediately despite its interesting stats. I truly lament GGG not giving some uniques more power to ensure they are sticks out, especially that one that actually utilizes a really essential chest slot.

As I comprehend it can there be to fill a distinct segment space, getting effective rares which are cheap compared really makes this chest look really REALLy lackluster. It simply helps make the “Zealot’s Oath” looks lame and unexciting and it is just lazy design from suggestions to programming side because it just reeks of idleness both in design and coding side. You aren’t really giving anything interesting on the top of the very mediocre stats.

Boost the armour by 200 and es by another 100 and perhaps we’re speaking something interesting that may be found in both midgame and late game. For the time being, when the item isn’t viable from early to mid mapping, you’re better of utilizing something cheaper and much more substantial than this gimmicky shit. The “unique” mod of “Zealot’s Oath” is really wasted here.

The Pricing

Among the “Cheap” design “unique”, that’s “cheap” in stats, “cheap” in effectiveness, “cheap” in idea, “cheap” in implementation and anything else is “cheap” associated with this “unique”. This really reflects around the designer that is harsh to state however it made the one who really did and balanced this look “cheap” while heOrshe tries so difficult to really make it “cheap” in most aspects.

P/S:”cheap” and “unique” this is a derogatory term and insulting meaning “useless or bad or dumb or low-worth”

I made use of this build throughout the Perandus League and did Melee CI. A juggernaut with this particular chest piece I’d 10K armour 7 endurance charges and 9k ES. Used to do make use of the Varunastra Sword coupled with a pleasant EQ build. However I think you may make it work without them.

Point is that you could make interesting builds with this particular chest also it would most likely shine. Sure you are able to get existence ES chests relatively inexpensively however this factor has the additional advantage to be on the armour/es base therefore it makes red heavy jewel color builds simpler to complete (for example CI melee)