Indeed very beautiful honeymoon for the newlyweds to celebrate their wedding, not even our current (and forever) is experiencing the beauty of the wedding. Armed with a voucher from the hotel which was formed in a gift, we enjoy it with gratitude will reward them. Given this time, we’re enjoying the honeymoon period, posting only photos of our intimacy. Please enjoy ..

A cup like a parable of God Almighty who is forming us. At the moment we establish Allah, (may) are not fun, pain, suffering and tears. However, this is the only way to God Almighty to get us to be beautiful and radiate the glory of God Almighty. Suppose a process, when we fall into various trials, because such tests would produce a mature fruit so that we become perfect and whole and not any shortage. When you are facing an exam, do not be discouraged because God Almighty is forming us. Formations are indeed painful, but all the process is complete, you will see how beautiful God Almighty formed us.

source: http://on.fb.me/honeymoon-FD

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