How Bypassing Blocking Torrent

Have you ever download a file through ? Usually, files are downloaded from the are very large (big size). This is a problem for ISPs or agencies that have very limited bandwidth. Party Internet provider, would certainly limit the speed even do of sites torrent service provider. Here below is a trick to outsmart the restriction and torrent:

https proxy

  • Suppose you’re unlucky aja, because your network technician to block against all things that smell torrent to be accessed. You can visit sites that provide free proxy service to access your torrent, for example:
    1. https: / /
    2. https: / /
    3. https: / /

    Another way is to make your torrent url into txt format, by entering addresses into the site txtor torrent in So, can you load into the browser and then you can save it back into the file .torrent.

  • Torrent Line encryption
    ISP or technical than internet service providers certainly will be more keen to see the traffic lane (traffic) network to detect the connection torrent. To outwit them, you have to point encryption Access your Torrent. In the popular torrent client application, usually supplied encryption facilities, for example:

    1. utorrent
    2. vuse
    3. etc.

    Some other ways to do encryption torrent, you can open url With encrypted connection lines torrent url not shaped, but the codes. So it is very difficult in the detection by the network administrator at your place.

  • Torrent Relay
    Proper way to avoid blocking the port by your network technician is using intermediaries to download or can be said downloadtorrent Torrent relay. This browser will be the intermediary for you with your torrent site and download the torrent file from the link provided. To enjoy these services, you are forced to spend around U.S. $ 9.95 per month. His site is on

For a while quite old, given in another place so many have posted a tutorial mode Bypassing Blocking Torrent

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