There are several ways to make video from photos with various kinds of software. Whether it is software that is free or paid. The authors use free software because it is used for personal purposes rather than for commercial purposes or distributed. The purpose than to make a video of the photos I’ve saved so far, to be enjoyed with our family who had only to see the video from dvd player. Our family does not have a PC or laptop that can be regarded as an expensive item for our family.

To overcome these problems, I took the initiative to assemble the photographs into moving images or more commonly called the video. That way, the whole family can enjoy the photos in the video format dvd disc. I use PhotoFilmStrip software, you can download it from google.

How to Create Videos from Photos with Software PhotoFilmStrip:

  1. After you download the software, please install on your PC or laptop.
  2. Wait a while until the installation is complete by itself.
  3. Open the application PhotoFilmStrip.
  4. Import the photos you want to create film.
  5. Fix photos using the rotation left or right (if necessary).
  6. If necessary add effects according to your pleasure (no effect, black and white and sephia tone).

  7. Setting the duration, I fill out number 7 for the length of duration.
  8. Render filmstrip and will appear as a box consisting of several menus.
  9. The author chose the menu than what is written on the picture.

  10. Done and enjoy that video.

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