There are two things that often happens in business done by beginners. First, think of the business that manages instant “success in the shortest possible time.” Even if necessary by performing a variety of ways. As a result, only a momentary success obtained and then ends with a tragic business. They do not take into account risk factors, making campaign financing that is too large because of the desire quickly known, so that the allocation of funds become unbalanced with other corporate management needs.

 Importance of Consistency in BusinessThe second problem, stop being a businessman because of the efforts undertaken not immediately provide income. Over this incident, then came a sense of despair, feel his efforts are not suitable, not gifted in business and various other reasons. Next take the decision “tragic” ceases to be a businessman. This is where the importance of maintaining consistency of a business entrepreneur. That what is done needs a long process. Based on one study, in Indonesia, only about 40 percent of entrepreneurs who are capable of running its business more than four years, and only 20 percent of the strong survive more than six years. Why is that?

First, the intention of running a business as an effort to try. This is mostly done business beginners. When his business was not able to give results as expected, immediately shut down and instead of doing an evaluation, looking for other ways to survive.

Second, the business is considered as a sideline. Not many people are trying to become entrepreneurs in Indonesia, then make it as a top choice. Most want to play safe, that an employee is also developing the business. As a result they do not focus and do not handle the effort wholeheartedly.

Third, the failure is often not used as a lesson to change for the better, but as a warning to stop. Many people feel that failure means no match. However, if evaluated many factors that cause failure.

Religion teaches that each person has determined the level of failure and success. The principle that must be planted: Failed one time in business means finding at least one way to avoid him and more than one way to succeed. What about you?

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2 Responses to “Importance of Consistency in Business”

  1. Domba Garut says:

    It takes consistency and persistence – not only just in business, but also elements that supports the business sector itself.. the law, the enforcement on regulations that rules how business is done, the policy that protects better business practices and the consistency of the integrity of law maker that designs the rules & regulation on how business runs in the country..

    May that be short gain or longer ones, make sure the rules are straight..

    • gajah_pesing says:

      agree with your statement, all need the hard work and no one instant in business :D
      success for you

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