Java is a programming language popular among academics and practitioners of the computer. Java was developed first times by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Java was originally developed to meet the needs of be a computer language that is written only once and can be run in many different computer systems without changing the code means. Most existing computer languages have a limited migration of different systems.

Java was created as a new language with a different implementation. Java language is object-oriented language derived from C + + with a lot of improvements. In general, the experts argued that the programming language Java a concept that is consistent with the theory of programming objects and safe to use. Now the universities of many countries turned from Pascal or C + + and then choose Java as a language to learn programming.

Excellence Java

Java as a programming language that many people preferred because the concept of programming that is consistent with the theory of orientation objects as well as safe for use, so Java has several advantages:

  • Simple
  • Object-Oriented
  • Distributed
  • Safe
  • Neutral Architecture
  • Portable
  • Interpreter
  • Powerful
  • Multithreading
  • Dynamic

Java Component II

• JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Java can run on an operating system requires Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM itself consists of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java Development Kit (JDK). Sun Microsystems issued a three-class Java package, which is A2-SE JRE (only contains JRE), A2-SE SDK (with JDK + JRE), and A2-EE SDK (with JDK + JRE and tools for enterprise applications). For version SE (Standard Edition) is available for free at site.

• IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an editor of a programming language. For myself there are a lot of Java IDE are available in the market whether it is free (freeware) or who paid. Some popular IDE among others, JCreator (, NetBeans (, JBuilder ( / JBuilder), and others.

• Class
The most basic unit of programming is the class java. Class is the component that handles the application code and data in java programming.

Basic Writing III Code (Syntax) Java.
• Data Types
Data type can be said that the memory size will be used to store information in the program code programming.

Glance Java Mobile

Java Mobile usually known as the J2ME (Java 2 MicroEdition) is one part of the Java programming package. Java programming package for now generally divided into three, namely:

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).
    This package is used in the hardware specifications and have a great memory as the server computer.
  • Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE).
    J2SE package used on desktop computers.
  • Java 2 MicroEdition (J2ME).
    J2ME packages used on hardware that has a small memory sperti phones, PDAs and so on.

J2ME is a superset of J2SE, which means Java API in J2ME partly adopted from the Java API J2SE. If the J2SE using a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) as Interprenternya, another case in J2ME using Virtual Kilo Machine (KVM) as interprenternya. Based on the hardware specifications of J2ME configuration has 2 kinds of CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) and CDC (Connected Device Configurations).

Applet Glance

Applet commonly known as Java Applet. Applet is a computer program that has been compiled to bytecode. Bytecode is a state program that can be executed directly. This program will be executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) through a Web browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Applet advantages
Because the applet bytecode is to have several advantages over ordinary applications, namely:

  • Applets easy to be executed either through the Internet or Intranet.
  • Easy to perform maintenance, because the applet is centralization.
  • Applets easy to update / upgrade, because the applet is compiled into bytecode.

the use of java can be used as a database programming and application creation java-based games.

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