November 28, Entire Community are encouraged Jatim Plant Trees


East Java community are asked to trees simultaneously on 28 November. The appeal was delivered by to commemorate Indonesian Tree Planting Day (HMPI) which falls on that date

According to the Governor, so that the tree planting movement truly effective and carried out a massive, it has appealed the regent / mayor to implement in their respective areas, the success of the National Planting Month (Bulan Nasional).

“All the elements and segments of must be encouraged and mobilized all. Start agencies, educational institutions, military / police, state enterprises, private enterprises and in the Village, District, to the Regency / , “he said on Monday (11/21/2011).

It is said, a mass tree planting movement is actually a series of One Billion Tree Planting Movement in 2011 that the time commencing 1 February 2011 and ended on January 31, 2012. But because it coincides with the commemoration HMPI, then the momentum is considered appropriate to encourage people to go in greening – especially in the neighborhood around each one.

In a series of warnings HMPI, Women’s Movement also performed Planting and Maintaining Trees. This movement will be held 1 later by the First Lady, Ani Bambang Yudhoyono and the theme is “open green space for the Absorption of Water in Urban Food Security headed for the Families”.

For the success of the movement, it requested the of the District of / Cities and the Organization of Women (army / police and organizations) to support such noble activities.

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