A good website is a website that has a power level of high-order. Meaning that the website has useful resources are websites that if clicked will generate the correct view and not an error. In addition, the website must also provide a full feature, such as a navigation, faster loading pages and there is no difficulty in operating the website.

That must be considered in making the website is not to create a website that is too heavy. Most visitors are impatient people to want to quickly view information on the website. Especially if you are targeting visitors who are using a slow internet connection (non-broadband), for example using a 56K modem dial up or GPRS connection.

Therefore, not too much bloatware using technology, such as flash or complex JavaScript applications, except when necessary.

Flash is one of the files on the web that are less favored by the search engines because the format closed (not open source) so that the ability of search engines to index limited.

For example, the crawler comes to your site and found the first page has a navigation from the flash.

So chances are, crawler will be difficult to other pages that do not recognize the URL address of the other pages are caused by too-block flash files in question. Result, the website is not indexed freely and your website rankings will remain low.

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  • At 2010.01.23 14:07, ajengkol said:

    so want to make a website
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    • At 2010.01.23 15:58, mayasaridotnet said:

      nice info, nice post….
      after this I will make a website.
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      • At 2010.01.24 02:33, babi ngepet said:

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        • At 2010.01.24 09:24, didtav said:

          yea i know it

          • At 2010.01.24 11:41, Peluang Bisnis Internet said:

            Thanks,, you very good.. I like post you!

            • At 2010.01.24 14:54, Allaeas Online Media said:

              I agree with some points above :)
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              • At 2010.01.25 13:11, omagus said:

                nothing i can say..!
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