Prayer Love

Spirit flowing soft, pleasant, bright, clear and cheerful
Spirit flowing soft, suffocating, loose, weary and storm
But in a bond that God allowed

True love will instruct
“Not us smile because we are happy, but we are happy because we smile”

When God wrote His Providence, God
also write one name in my life.
Many I’m waiting One Name.

Finally today
been definitively answered it, …

You are my destiny …
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Unify dream becomes please
Unify hope to prayer
Uniting hearts to be together

Accept what is
Creating beautiful that no
Shed the missed meeting
Linking promise in the holy vow
Receive, maintain, not to this day
but forever

Moving the new streets
Not only were both
but bring all expectations along the way
Celebrate this moment with great fondness

The meeting of two hearts
Melting all the white intentions
May God preserve
What God has united

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6 Responses to “Prayer Love”

  1. AAN says:

    S a l u t . . . . Bro..

  2. Jeng Anna says:

    wow bonek lagi narik dokar heheheh

  3. Ikhsan says:

    Selamat :)

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