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I was born in , 30 years ago. Precisely in the area Bratang Gede, a place where known as the environment can still be regarded as the area below average income. A very harsh environment, prone to crime. My parents get the land for a residence in Bratang Gede, because the price is very affordable (for the size of my parents’ income).I was born a twin. In earlier times, the phenomenon of twin birth is very rare and is very rare in our neighborhood. Born with the help of a midwife (we call her Dukun Beranak), because a doctor is very rare there. The assistance rather than midwives, birth twins news makes our family immediately known almost all regions Bratang Gede. Someone took the present to see the phenomenon of our twins were born. We were born only 10 minutes different. I was given the name Matias Suwanto, while my twin is named Matius Suwandi. A name that is nuanced Christian religion professed by our parents.

Family is very simple but very happy family for all of us. Harsh environments, it makes us learn more about life. Number of friends makes us able to share with one another, all sorts of traditional games we had to do after carrying out the obligation to learn. Very crowded, to be able to attract attention than other residents to come to our place just to be able to play together.

gajah pesing familyswp ProfileI get a decent education from the government program “Wajib Belajar 6 Tahun” Starting from kindergarten Wiratama (2 years), Primary School Ngagelrejo IX (6 years), Junior High School District XII and the last at Trinity High School. All of us go through formal education in the city of Surabaya.

I started working, since 1998 until now. In living the life of society, participated in various activities, online and offline community. In 1999, I decided to embrace Islam, till the name Fayyas Ahmadullah. Since then, I was known as “mualaf“. Similarly, a brief explanation of my profile, if there is a more detailed question, can you please send questions through Contact Me.



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