Revitalization Semut Station

Semut Station revitalization process that could be uncertain, at this time began to see a bright spot. It was not separated from the plan of (Kereta Api Indonesia) who plan to begin fixing the pole for the of the station’s historical value, in this May. Assistant Public Relations Manager of PT External Operations Area (Daop) 8 Surabaya, Herry Winarno express his side along the Surabaya City Government continues to discuss the development or revitalization of the Station of Surabaya City. However, the buildings at this station should be returned to normal, due to entry of type A in this cultural heritage.  Revitalization Semut Station“For now, we are currently rebuilding schedule that had demolished the building,” he explained. Disclosed, to know when the implementation of revitalization, it was intense held a meeting with the City Government of Surabaya each week. This process continues, until there is certainty schedule Semut Station revitalization. “However, for the erection of this station revitalization related pole, most likely in this May,” he explained. Chairman of the Heritage Team welcomes Aminudin Kasdi erection pole in May of this revitalization. Because of this revitalization is already rolling since 2004 and there is no clarity.

“Yes, quite positive. Moreover, from the information available, PT KAI with Hall Preservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Trowulan has observed and studied the building was about three weeks ago. Of course, we hope to revitalize immediately implemented, “he said.

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  1. Domba Garut says:

    Revitalization and whatever projects this may be, in order to succeed, required a consistent effort on both commitment of implementing as well as the resources needed – if any less this would be just a regular bad advertising that one organization said this and that to public with long overdue timeline and perhaps making public opinion grows frustrated thus ignorant…

    Hope PT KAI would soon becoming the reliable rail-transport provider as their core service and remain committed to preserving effective and efficient operations both in its service quality and maintaining its integrity to public.

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