Rujak Uleg Festival

>Rujak Uleg Festival which was held annually by the city government to commemorate the anniversary of the city of Surabaya will be submitted to the UN United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) categories of cultural preservation typical regional food.

“I try to develop the area (Kembang Jepun), this is also the embryo of the city of Surabaya in order to show interesting. InsyaAllah I will Include at UNESCO in cultural preservation. This festival carpet to preserve our cultural treasures. Packed well in order to be accepted whole society, “said Tri Rismaharini, mayor of Surabaya after Rujak Uleg Festival on Jl Kembang Jepun, on Sunday (22 / 5).

In 2011, said Risma, the local government to include three buildings of cultural heritage to the UNESCO, namely:

The plan, Remo Dance will also be listed. However, to this dance is still waiting for one of the main activities at school. “What is important, how to popularize and popularize the culture of Surabaya, this one of our efforts,” she said.

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