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Build trust by maintaining the quality and consistency of service is the first part of the five to increase sales that were discussed last week.

The second step is to listen to and clarification if there is information that does not correspond to reality (listening and clarifaying).

In simple language, if you want to be successful in , the company must seek to know and be able to meet the wants and needs of consumers.

The third step in an effort to increase sales is . A will come from good questions too. An if you want to succeed in sales should be able to create different patterns of questions that make consumers follow what is desired by employers.

Simply, create questions to consumers, mostly the answer is yes and agreed to conduct transactions. For example, do not ask the father to be transacting or not? but directly on the question, you want to transact in cash or by credit card. If you answered a credit card, credit card then the question so what? Can it now be processed? and so on.

Fourth, make the cover a good deal and then build relationships with customers on an ongoing basis (closing).

with customers, will become its own power for the company’s in the long run.

Some of the patterns that can be done is to give a warranty, service service, or giving , birthday greeting, regularly.

Consumers who feel unnoticed by the company, it will also try to maintain good relations with trading on a regular basis.

The final step is to provide good after sales service (after sales service). Many employers pay much attention to the service before and during the transaction and forget about service after the transaction. Yet this is essential to maintain .

Indeed, this model is not the best, but at least be a very important part to be taken into consideration in the development of enterprises in order to continue to grow and develop. What about you?

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