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Rujak Uleg Festival which was held annually by the city government to commemorate the anniversary of the city of Surabaya will be submitted to the UN United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) categories of cultural preservation typical regional food. “I try to develop the area (Kembang Jepun), this is also the embryo of [...]


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Although Batavia Union held 0-0 draw in the match at the Stadium Siliwangi Bandung on Sunday (22/05/2011), Persebaya 1927 remains a part-season Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI), 2011. Persebaya standings ranked first LPI, 2011, with a value of 40 results in 12 wins, four draws and two defeats. Bajul Ijo team points were the same as [...]


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Residents Simo Gunung represented by Drs. Jason D Bani of the Independent Committee for the Rescue Asset Institute of Surabaya (KIPAS-Lembaga Komite Independent Penyelamat Aset Surabaya) complained Mayor Surabaya to Komnas HAM in Jakarta. “What can we do as you wish citizens, initially we just help them to get right to the previous population data [...]


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Motif batik cloth from East Java province included in the record with the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as assessed with the most style. The award was given by representatives of MURI, Sri Widayati, to the Chairman of the National Crafts Council Area (DEKRANASDA) East Java province, Nina Soekarwo, at Surabaya (18/5). Java has a 1120 [...]


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Sebenarnya postingan ini hanya sekedar mengingatkan saia pada waktu Pembukaan Jembatan Suramadu, pada tanggal 13-14 Juni 2009. Lebih tepatnya untuk mengikuti Kompetisi Menulis Paling Gokil dari Komunitas Gila Motor yang kerja bareng dengan AMX Motor (klik link disini). Terdapati pengalaman yang menarik pada saat Pembukaan Jembatan Suramadu (waktu itu), kami yang kebetulan tergabung dalam Komunitas [...]


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