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networking sites were potentially alter the brain and human social life, a study showed. This is seen from the results of scientists from College, London. They found a direct relationship between the number of friends on social networks with size in some parts of the brain.

“We have found several brain regions that appear to be associated with a number of friends that we have both in the real world and ” explains one Dr. Ryota Kanai.

According to Kanai, one of the areas involved are the amygdala, which is associated with memory and emotional responses.

This is seen also in previous studies that have shown a relationship between the volume of gray areas in the amygdala with the size and complexity of the real world of one’s social network.

Yet researchers still question whether the changes in the brain is purely because of the use of social networking on the Internet or a large volume of brain a person has good social interaction skills.

“This research will help us understand how our interactions with the world through the of social networking. We also intend to determine the effects of internet on the brain directly “added study leader Professor Geraint Rees.

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