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Strategies for Dyslexic

Parents need not worry about having a child with dyslexic, because there are some strategies that can be done to overcome the obstacles that arise.

  1. Children can be schooled in the class consisted of 10 children and teachers are guided by 2 people. In a relatively small class, students will be easier to direct attention. Nothing wrong with old people always talk to the teacher to monitor the child’s development and create strategies to achieve better development results.  Strategies for Dyslexic
  2. Multisensory approaches. Give a tool of learning through audio visual media or teachers to give lessons from direct experience. In order for students to more easily understand the lesson, because it optimizes all five senses to absorb the lesson. The process of learning with musical accompaniment can also lead concentration and emotion. The rooms are quiet and clean to provide support for the learning process.
  3. Extra-curricular activities focused to overcome the learning difficulties of children. Activities are not directed to achievement but is focused to train certain things, such as visual-motor coordination training and cooperation with other children.
  4. Give attention and affection. It is important to give moral support, so that children are not inferior.
  5. If you have started to talk to, communicate to the child, what the real issues he is facing, and to convey that it is not the mistake itself. If he understands it, would be easier for him trying to overcome the shortcomings.

Bill Gates (founder and CEO of Microsoft) and Lee Kuan Yew (former Singapore Prime Minister, now Senior Minister) is a successful dyslexic.

courtesy picture by Portal Berita Pendidikan Indonesia

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