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The influence of technology on student progress should be recognized more than anything else, even family and educational institutions. Many cases of abuse that befell students demonstrate advances in communications technology so bad for the behavior of students in educational institutions (schools). Certainly very unfortunate, because at school students should focus to the teaching and learning activities.

With the technological sophistication of the procedure should not interact directly contact. exclusive and collectively over the times began to be facilitated in an easy and inexpensive gadgets. , laugh, cry, talk, fall in , even a breakup can occur without direct contact. The phenomenon has reached the stage of the culture system because students have a strong dependence on the internet to be present in cyberspace. Most of the students, surfing the internet is more important than real interaction. Popular and perfect in the virtual world is a priority, rather than compete and organize real. impact, addictive side slowly but surely bear a narcissistic student, the cult of self-abuse.

Another case is the abuse of utilizing gadgets to facilitate cooperation, searching for answers while taking the exam, as well as crimes such as stealing other people’s work. plagiarist plagiarist-born, young, talented and arbitrarily copied without sin for the sake of completing school assignments.

Dependence of technology as a means of distribution should not be allowed to narcissistic activity. When the addictive narcissism is already severe, would erode the importance of cultural awareness of students literatif. Cultural nuances literatif is the ability to read and new ideas in scientific writing. is an important activity carried out anyone, especially students. Because the student is a generation of bearers of great as a determinant of the direction of progress of the nation and is responsible for the fate of the wider community.

Read news, articles, essays, literary works, the book is very different effect than reading text messages. By reading, extensive knowledge and will spur more students more creative, innovative. By contrast, used to read short messages tend to influence the character of reactive, shallow and less mature. literatif culture will shape the character is more mature and contemplative.

Hinder and forbid students to not touch the sophisticated gadgets with the reasons preventing the harmful effects rather than long-term solution. Instead, it is classified as deprived. More rational if the educators involved directly monitor student progress in to technological advances. For example, schools provide the hotspot service but blocking sites that potentially damage the academic climate. Educators and students join in social networks, so it can be more intense around discussing the lesson.

Or, get used to completing school assignments and send them via email. The task is sent via electronic messaging has several advantages, in addition to more modern, effective time, it will also save paper. Saving paper is very important considering the threat of global warming. With this method, hopefully there is progress among students in the face of technological advances. Advances in technology are a challenge and a test for us all.

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