logone suroboyo Surabaya Tourism Local Policy RevisedEntrepreneur Association of Recreation and Public Entertainment (HIPERHU – Himpunan Pengusaha Rekreasi dan Hiburan Umum) city of Surabaya, proposed revisions to Regulation No. 2 of 2008 concerning tourism, because it is considered irrelevant to the new legal basis. The proposed revision has been submitted Hiperhu, to the Commission via letter D DPRD Surabaya 003/HIPERHU/V/2011 number dated 23 May 2011. Chairman HIPERHU Surabaya, George Handiwiyanto, said the regulations to the use runway Law number 9 of 1999 concerning tourism, while since January 16, 2009 was published the Law number 10 of 2009 also concerning tourism. “We use the right of initiative of people to propose revisions to regulations that,” he said.

George says, is no less important points about the sanctions. In the new law mentioned administrative sanction is a written reprimand, restrictions on temporary suspension of business activities and business activities. For a written warning, should have as many as three times. “But in Surabaya applied twice a written warning enough,” he said. In a draft of proposed revisions, Hiperhu also proposed changes to rules about the obligations of public entertainment must close the house for not a month of Ramadan (fasting). According to it, closing the home entertainment does not need to be set in regulations, but regulations mayor. While specifically for home entertainment adult karaoke, HIPERHU proposal does not cover the total closure but done at the beginning and end of Ramadan.

Chairman of Commission D of the DPRD Surabaya Baktiono said, is ready to consider proposals for such HIPERHU. “Revised regulations should city government territory, they should be responsive if there are changes in the law,” said Baktiono. He asserted that with the publication of a new tourism law, regulation 2 / 2008 should be revised. “We will follow up the proposal HIPERHU and invite relevant parties to discuss it,” he said.

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