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logone suroboyo Surabaya ZooThe Surabaya Zoo (KBS) was one of the popular zoo in Indonesia, located in Setail 1 street Surabaya, is the zoo that had been most complete in South-East Asia, inside was gotten more than 351 species of the fauna that was different which consisted more than 2.806 animals. Including inside the Indonesian endangered species and the world consisted of the Mammal, Aves, reptiles, Pisces.

KBS was the tourism attraction that was interesting because of it location factor that was in the middle of the Surabaya city, around the activity of the metropolis city evidently still could be found by us the place of various fauna sorts that most usually live in the wild, this could become a kind denied measured for humankind to continue in maintaining the balance of nature in conserving the fauna but also for children who visited KBS was the educational part that in a indirectly was useful to know various faunas sorts to be available to be buried since early the feeling loved all nature and the contents. kbs Surabaya ZooMoreover, KBS was the fauna garden which means that the place with the main function of conservation ex-situ that carried out maintenance efforts and breeding of various fauna kinds in order to form and develop the new habitat as protection means and conservation of nature that was made use for the development of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY as well as for healthy facility of nature recreation. The last target of this fauna garden was: widened the community understanding and appreciation about the function of the fauna garden, increased fauna welfare efforts created the connection between conservation ex-situ and in-situ, formed the global network between the fauna garden. The educational program and the research in Surabaya Zoo carried out the development of science and technology was the scientific vehicle for the community and was the living laboratory to more loved and appreciated the flora and the fauna as our property nature wealth together. Until now every Sunday or other holiday days, KBS was always crowded by the visitor who came from various areas, the city, even foreign tourists. If being seen appear at first glance the development of the Surabaya Zoo was very good and appropriate to be spoken of highly as the tourist attraction in East Java and in especially Surabaya.

KBS philosophy

Various widespread animals in this earth was the Lord’s gift and was useful for humankind and the balance of nature as the characteristics pengejahwantahan the characteristics the Great Generous and Great Loyalty from the Lord to all it creature.

The histories of Kebun Binatang Surabaya

It was established based on Acceptance Letter of the general Dutch Governor- on August 31, 1916 No. 40, by the name of “Soerabaiasche Planten-en Dierentuin” (the Botany Garden and the Surabaya Animal) on the merit of a journalist named H. F. K. Kommer who had the hobby of gathering the animal. From the financial aspect H. F. K Kommer received help from several people who had enough capital.

The First Management composition of the Surabaya Zoo:

Leader : J.P Mooyman
Secretary: A.H. de Wildt
The Treasurer: P Egos, was helped by his 6 members that are:

  1. F.C. Frumau
  2. A. Lenshoek
  3. H.C. Liem
  4. J. Th Lohmann
  5. Edw. H. Soesman
  6. M.C. Valk

The established location:

The KBS location that was first in Kaliondo, during 1916, afterwards on September 28 , 1917 moved in the Groedo road. And during 1920 moved to the Darmo area because of OOST-JAVA STOOMTRAM MAATSCHAPPIJ or the railway Company merit who was tried to get the location measuring 30.500 m2.

The Geographical KBS location

07o 17′ 34” LS dan 07o 17′ 51” LS
112o 34′ 56” BT dan 112o 35′ 15” BT
The Distance from the centre of the city: + 5 km
The Distance from sea: + 12 km
The general Rainfall: 127 mm3/ml Height: 3 – 6 m. dpl
Atmosphere Temperature per year: 27,6oC Humidity per year: 74 %
The land structure: the Layer Aluvialthe Seasonal: the special Season

The area of the KBS Territory was utilized to:

Reforesting in the cage: 3,1 ha (20.7 %)
Reforesting outside the cage: 1,8 ha (12 %)
Open reforesting space: 4,9 ha (37.7 %)
Street: 0,8 ha (5.3 %)
The water Channel: 0,2 ha (1.3 %)
The Pond and the building: 2,5 ha (16.7 %)
The fauna Cage: 1,7 ha (11.3 %)
Parked: 1 ha

Operational and development

For the first time in April 1918, KBS was opened but by paying the sign entered (the ticket). Afterwards resulting from the high operational cost, then on July 21 1922 the botany garden/KBS experienced the crisis and will be dispersed, but some of the members did not agree. In this year, it also being in a meeting of the management was decided to disperse KBS, but be prevented by the Surabaya municipality side at that time.

On May 11, 1923 , the meeting of the member in Simpang Restaurant decided to establish the Association of the new Zoo, and to be indicated by W. A. Hompes to remain in the garden and arranged all the activities of the garden (the management). Aid that was big for continuation of the life when in 1927 was from Mayor DIJKERMAN and the council’s member A. Van Genrep could persuade the People’s Representative Council the Surabaya City to gain attention to KBS, with SK People’s Representative Council on July 3, 1927 was bought the land that measuring 32.000 m3 the contribution from the railway Company (OJS). In 1939 until now the KBS area increase to 15 hectare and during 1940 was finished the production of the garden that the width 85.000 m2.

In KBS development had changed the function from year to year. The Surabaya zoo that beforehand only for the place of recreation was developed by the function into protection facility and conservation, education, the research and recreation. Animals that became the KBS collection from year to year the number and the variety continued to improve, both came from overseas and that came from inside the country.

Vision and Mission of KBS
Conservation, education, research and recreation

The KBS superiority:

  • the strategic location, was easy to be reached
  • the KBS fauna Collection that had been most complete in South-East Asia
  • Apart From the fauna that was exhibited in the cage also had the fauna that was left free occupied in the KBS flora

Region The Visit hour: Opened began to strike 07.00 WIB – 17.00 WIB

KBS was the member of PKBSI that is the Association of all the Indonesian Zoo.According to results of the meeting agreement was severed the zoo only was the place of the development of the fauna, so as eventually available attractions in the zoo gradually will be eliminated because of being the exploitation action of the fauna

source by: Surabaya City Online – The Official Site of The City Government

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