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Reception Location

-6.246624,106.912025 Wedding Reception Location Fayyas-Dahlia Jl. Inspeksi Saluran No. 112/113, Kavling Agraria Duren Sawit, Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur

Most Expensive Domain [SOLD]

Sedo will soon announce that they have the most expensive domain name sales this year, is the third most expensive ever dealt with that company after and Sedo has sales with the price of 2.5 million dollars in cash, which is when the most expensive after  [ Read More ]

Becoming Entrepreneurs

Mental attitude is the main capital for prospective entrepreneurs. This mental attitude must be owned by entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed. First, an entrepreneur must have a mindset like entrepreneurs. They should have a positive and optimistic paradigm. To start a business, capital is not important.  The  [ Read More ]

Paid Review

The onliner business must have been much familiar with the term Paid Reviews, either simply looking for extra income or make it a major job to earn money daily. It is a big question for the beginner. A simple program, only with a blog, but it gets the income to  [ Read More ]

Tips Build Your Own Business

Facing global competition free trade today, growing one’s mindset to try to seize opportunities in the competition. Imagination and creativity levels tend to increase, more and try to achieve the dreams to success. Many ways to make it happen, as the proverb says, “Many Paths to Rome“. In what ways,  [ Read More ]

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