A major exhibition held at the department of East Java at Gramedia Expo Surabaya. You must be prepared to visit the event entitled Surabaya Great Sale this. This event will take place on 11-15 May 2011. In this event, you can watch a variety of potential Surabaya and East Java in the hundreds of exhibitors [...]


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-6.246624,106.912025 Wedding Reception Location Fayyas-Dahlia Jl. Kavling Agraria No. 112/113, Inspeksi Saluran Duren Sawit, Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur Kavling Agraria No. 112/113 Incoming search terms:peta duren sawitwhat is reception location


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Come & Enjoy I was born in Surabaya, 30 years ago. Precisely in the area Bratang Gede, a place where known as the environment can still be regarded as the area below average income. A very harsh environment, prone to crime. My parents get the land for a residence in Bratang Gede, because the price [...]


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