Win32 Disk Imager - Free Download


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Would you need to install Windows, but you don't have an internal DVD drive in your notebook or desktop PC and you don't have an external drive to connect to the USB port? Now the only way remains to set up Windows is by using a USB device. It will be made bootable first and then the Windows setup will be moved from the original media. Prepared in this way, the laptop can be booted, by way of instance, and then you install Windows as usual.

To install Windows using a USB device, you can use software like Win32 Disk Imager. This program has the capacity to work without even installing it. It's possible to launch Win32 Disk Imager from double-clicking on the EXE program file.

On the consumer interface, first, pick the drive letter of the inserted USB device and then select your .ISO file. {After click on the Start button and the process begins.