240px Earth Eastern Hemisphere Titans atmosphere Comet Collision ResultsTitan, a moon of Saturn’s planet, known to be the only object in the solar system that has the atmosphere of nitrogen levels and high density. I was so high, the pressure in Titan’s atmosphere reached 50 percent higher than the Earth.

Like those of Titan’s atmosphere is usually formed when the moon was already deferention into core, mantle and slabs. However, exploration spacecraft Cassini spacecraft in 2004 found that Titan is not fully differentiated.

Previously, there are several theories about the formation of Titan’s atmosphere. There is a theory that nitrogen molecules formed from the breakdown of ammonia in the atmosphere by the sun, or originating from volcanoes. But, the process requires high temperatures.

The idea that the atmosphere was formed shortly after the Titan is supported by research by the Huygens space vehicle that examines the Titan in 2005. Titan is known to have low levels of argon. Levels will be higher when the atmosphere is formed with its own month.

Comes with a new theory, researchers the University of Tokyo Yasuhito Sekine said, “We think the nitrogen in Titan’s atmosphere is formed after the formation of Titan itself, through the process of conversion of ammonia in the Late Heavy Bombardment period of about 4 million years ago.”

Late Heavy Bombardment is known as a period in which the celestial bodies like comets and asteroids bombard 100,000 times more frequently than today. “Rain” comets and asteroids during Sekine meant that trigger the formation of Titan’s atmosphere.

Prior to his opinion, Sekine conducted experiments of laser gun to prove that nitrogen is formed in a collision on icy crust of Titan which represents ammonia. Calculations prove that Titan has enough nitrogen to form the current atmosphere.

Sekine study published in the journal Nature recently. Sekine said the study more detail about the atmosphere and ice celestial objects in outer solar system, including comets, will help explain accurately the formation of Titan’s atmosphere.

Earth, like Titan, a planetary atmosphere dominated by nitrogen. However, the ratio of nitrogen isotopes on Titan and Earth are different. This indicates that the Earth is getting a nitrogen source that is also different.

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