Madura locator Touring Crossing Madura IslandIn order to introduce tourism potential of nature and the island of Madura, the bikers from one of the Surabaya City representatives (SOC Surabaya), try to invite other bikers for touring together across the island of Madura. The event was held on May 22, 2011, beginning at 4:30 am to 10 pm. Start begins in front of the Statue of Surabaya, Surabaya Zoo. For colleagues who wish to participate, please contact the Cak Mamad in +62-317156305 or his FB account and SOC Surabaya.


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SOC Surabaya

Participants are expected to prepare the vehicle touring a MAXIMUM possible. Minimum vehicle safety requirements must be completed. Participants are required to fill the fuel tank prior to departure so as not to interfere with the smooth initial trip. Method of blocking at a red light, pesimpangan road for uninterrupted convoy participants are obliged not occur at all in touring. Officers have to coordinate when to break ranks in the two groups or smaller quantities, to eventually re-unite in the area which is considered safe and does not interfere with other mobility on the highway.



  1. It is expected that all participants touring the condition SOUND.
  2. It is recommended that the body is warmed up before riding the bike.
  3. It is advisable prior to departure turing ENOUGH REST.
  4. It is advisable to eat nutritious foods, which contain carbohydrates and protein before departure touring, in order to keep fit during the trip.
  5. It is advisable to drink energy booster supplement for conditions stay awake and not sleepy during the trip.


  1. Clothes and personal equipment
    • Shirt and pants instead.
    • Jumper / sweater.
    • Sarong / Sleeping Bag / Mattress.
    • Spare socks.
    • MCK equipment (towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc..)
  2. Supplies
    • Small meals / snacks / bread.
    • Water minerals / supplements.
  3. Supporting Tools
    • Flashlight
    • Kantong plastic taste
    • Rope enough
    • Solasi
    • Scissors
    • Cutter knife.
  4. The letters (myself and vehicles)
    • SIM
    • Vehicle registration
    • KTP
    • etc.
  5. Equipment riders (Riding Safety Standards)
    • Helmet (Half / Full Face)
    • Shoes covered the ankles.
    • Touring jacket.
    • Gloves (recommended reply full finger)
    • Raincoat (not a poncho)
    • Vests / Body protector
    • Balac / skullcaps
    • Arm & Knee Protector

72227 1555490081871 1073786677 31540465 1689569 n Touring Crossing Madura IslandVEHICLE PREPARATION

  1. STANDARD completeness of motor function must remain installed and functioning.
    • Right rearview mirror – left.
    • Horn.
    • Front lights, lamps sein, brake lights
    • Fender (if need be added)
    • Tires (front min. 2:50 size, rear min. Size 2.75)
    • Speedo meter, fuel indicator, etc..
  2. Motor is in TUNE-UP, at least a week before departure turing.
    • Check valve.
    • Setting and Clean Karburtaor + filter.
    • Oil change.
    • Check spark plugs.
    • Check the clutch.
    • Check keteng chain.
    • Check the spool and a magnet.
  3. Accu Check the water level.
  4. Check the CDI, Coil, Kiprok.
  5. REM Check canvas.
  6. Brake oil (for disc brakes).
  7. Check the air pressure in tires and feasibility.
  8. Check VELG.
  9. Check ELECTRICITY / lights and supporting cables,
    • Fuse.
    • Night lights (far / near).
    • Lights dusk.
    • Brake lights.
    • Lights sein.
    • The indicator light.
    • Lighting Accessories.
    • Socket2 cable and relay (clean and not crusty).
    • Cables  in good condition.
  10. Check SWITCH functions / buttons on the handlebar.
  11. Check the tension CHAIN.
  12. Check and tighten all BOLT yg pd motor attached.


  1. Tool kits (standard).
    • Wrench / ring.
    • Key Busi.
    • Tang.
    • Screwdrivers plus / min.
    • Wrench.
  2. Bolts, nuts, washers (reserve).
  3. Light bulbs (reserve)
  4. Fuses (reserve min. 2 pcs.)
  5. Busi (reserve).
  6. Rope clutch (backup).
  7. Cable (reserve).
  8. Rag / cloth.


  1. Oil
  2. Accu Water
  3. Inner tube
  4. Chain lube/WD40
  5. Tip-top
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Power glue

Standing Orders

All participants are expected to attend touring 3 ~ 2 hours before departure, in order to follow the rules implementing the provisions of briefings on the way, also to be done checking / scruiting vehicles all participants by the UKB, and other preparations.


  1. Obeying traffic regulations.
  2. Expected no kidding / chat with fellow participants (if not required.)
  3. Not allowed to reply if manouver2 endanger yourself, other participants also other road users.
  4. Mutual respect with fellow road users.
    • Did not arrogant and intimidating other road users.
    • Giving codes and cues civilly when asked the way, also do not forget to say thank you afterwards gave the thumbs.
  5. Follow all instructions from the Road Captain (RC), and is obliged to forward all earlier instructions to the entire row to row of the most backward.
    • Code of the hand (Hand Code)
    • Code feet (Foot Code)
  6. Participants must obey the orders of turing turing officer (RC, Blocker, Sweeper)
  7. Not lit / siren or horn continuously
  8. It should not be smoking a cigarette while driving.
  9. Not using / under the influence medicines.

Similarly, an explanation of the preparation and order which must be understood and touring followed by all officials and participants Touring. FOR COMFORT AND SAFETY OF ALL PARTICIPANTS Touring, UKB with a heavy heart did not allow participants who do not meet safety criteria that have been driving in the mentioned above to follow touring. Let’s take a Discipline Driving Campaign, Orderly Traffic and respect fellow road users.

Let us minimize the risk of accidents that may occur.

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