Wedding on earth have always been a sacred thing that always awaited by everyone. 181957 1707796289431 1073786677 31826692 6938697 n Unique Diamond Wedding MarriageEvery region, every tribe and every nation always have rules and ordinances are unique and which showed different levels of adaptation and cultural differences between natural and human. 

The meaning of marriage dowry is sometimes called the dowry is a gift from the prospective groom to the prospective bride. In the religious teachings of Islam itself, it is intended to honor the female to the granting of the degree of this dowry.

In Indonesia, which has 33 provinces, dozens of tribes, meaning tens of customs that are different from each other. Although located on a single island, and between the provinces with one another have different customs and traditions.


Changing times and technological developments involved also affect the shift in cultural values, although still upheld and implemented custom. Ancient on the island of Papua, local residents use the pigs as their customary marriage dowry. Once familiar with technology and adapt to other cultures (especially Islam), people began to like the dishes made in China that have diverse motives for marriage and dowry be there also comes to the granting of betel nuts.

In Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara province, marriage dowry is called by the name belis, imposed very high and very expensive. Many youth Ende (mostly) objecting to the size and the high burden of these belis. Belis was related to the systematic social life, without belis means no marriage, no general wedding or church wedding then the deed could not have come out of marriage. If the marriage certificate does not have, then the babies are born without going through the records of marriage, then their children have no birth certificate. This means that will prevent the recording of their social status in the future. On the island Adonara, East Flores Regency, belis can be either animal horse / buffalo / elephant ivory made of silver.


184624 1752272281303 1073786677 31901976 8259391 n Unique Diamond Wedding MarriageTraditional Karo in North Sumatra, emphasizing the wedding ceremony with symbolic value. Traditional Clothing of the best known and has become a hallmark of traditional Karo is Ulos (for they are symbolic). In traditional Batak wedding ceremony that was held, usually marriage dowry is placed on ulos (uis nipes) that serves as a plate (base), for the Batak people is called “pinggan pasu” that is placed where the wedding dowry for the proposed Batak women by a man Batak.

Indigenous Ternate, East Nusa Tenggara province, is more influenced by Islamic teachings. Submission of a wedding dowry for the woman known as Ternate, the word “bido se hana maija“, meaning a ceremony in Ternate in the customary manner when envoys from the family of man (baba se ema) delivers all the needs in the wedding ceremony to the family of a woman (yaya segoa). Kabul final offer made by the men (baba se ema) to increase conductivity in the form of candles, flowers and all the needs of women (a set of prayer tools, jewelry and others). Wedding dowry will be received by the female (yaya segoa) with rebound prayer. Usually the men’s arrival will be greeted by a festive party to the accompaniment of Hadrat woman, wasp and hornet drum tambourine music. Islamic culture is very thick in the customary procedure of Ternate.

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  1. niQue says:

    Jadi, peresmiannya kapan Om?

  2. niQue says:

    “….has become a hallmark of traditional Karo is Ulos (for they are symbolic).”

    Please make correction, we, karonese wear UIS GARA instead of ULOS. ULOS belong to Bataknese instead of Karonese.

    • gajah_pesing says:

      sorry if my writing was wrong, I get that information from a male friend who came from the Batak ethnic group, who’ve I think tradition is similar to the Karo tribe .. :(
      if you can help about information Karo tribe, I will gladly fix it properly (according to information from you) :) , anyway thank you

  3. niQue says:

    you may refer to my post of Menari Yuk, you may find sample of UIS GARA (the red cloth) that we wore when we dance.
    and also this link; there you will find a complete description of uis gara.

    hope it helps.

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    I went over this internet site and I conceive you have a lot of excellent information, saved to my bookmarks (:.

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