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Warung / is another name for little a special selling food and beverages manually. People love to come to , usually just drink and eat fried food, chatting with visitors there.

Warung Blogger is not a small restaurant or stalls, but a platform to unite the bloggers. Can be called house to share information, knowledge, and smile with building togetherness and the Beautiful Gathering.

Not to restrict the creation, nor to regulate the expression, but rather as part of the introspection that everything there is a limit of decency.

This is from us to us.

For that let us agree together:

1. Learn . When what we write is wrong, should we dare to acknowledge and straighten it.

2. Do not write something that could potentially offend other people.

3. Funny it is necessary, but avoid that “” and “inferior”. Who here would understand what he meant.

4. Prohibited status which contain elements of SARA and SARU (indecent).

5. No status / install / share links too much and streak in the adjacent one time.

6. No invites residents to infelicity in the world of writing and blogs.

Note: For you who want to join please send a to the on his blog URL address, respectively, for smooth to confirm.


Brotherhood of Blogger

source: http://www.facebook.com/groups/warung.blogger/

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